Artist, Educator

Shary Bartlett is an artist living in Vancouver, Canada. Her mixed media body of work includes encaustic, acrylic, fibre arts, prints, sculptural assemblage, collage and altered photographs. She has been a long-time Fine Arts instructor at colleges and universities and is now teaching online courses in encaustic mixed media.

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Encaustic Courses by Shary

Spunbonded Lutradur and Encaustic Wax 

Discover the luminescence of encaustic wax combined with Lutradur: how to cut, dye, collage, rust, shape and heat-distress to create filigreed surfaces.

60 minutes of quality instruction
for just USD $75.00!

Fabric and Encaustic Shadowbox

Burst your encaustic paintings and sculpture outside of the 2-dimensional box with this gorgeous three-dimensional fibre arts project!

30 minutes of quality instruction
for just USD $40.00!

Writing with
Encaustic Wax Tools

Shary's instructional video explores tools to create flowing 3-dimensional surface texture on encaustic paintings and sculpture - a wonderful way to add a sculptural sensibility.

30 minutes of quality instruction
for just USD $40.00!

Alcohol and India Ink Painting on Encaustic

Shary’s instructional video details a myriad of techniques to explore the unparalleled fluidity, luminosity, vibrance and capricious nature of alcohol inks and Indian inks on encaustic.

45 minutes of quality instruction
for just USD $60.00!

How to create glassy encaustic surfaces

The perfectly smooth translucence of a glassy encaustic surface is a beautiful sight to behold - and challenging to achieve! Watch as Shary demonstrates how a thin painted or poured wax surface creates an open invitation to inks, photographs and mixed media collage.

30 minutes of quality instruction
for just USD $40.00!

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Hear What People Are Saying About Shary's Teaching

"Shary is an inspired and inspiring artist and instructor. Her many students, both beginning and experienced artists, give her rave reviews and ask when they can take another course with her!"

Coordinator, Continuing Studies Division, Capilano University 

"One of our most respected instructors at Langara Continuing Studies Visual Art for many years, Shary brings a fresh and thorough approach to her teaching with a variety of exciting and innovative courses. Shary has an engaging and informative approach that students find both educational and fun at the same time".
Jeff Burgess

Coordinator Visual Arts and Commercial Illustration,
Langara College Continuing Studies

"Shary's workshop was a really enjoyable, educational day. I learnt an incredible amount about the art of encaustic and left with a piece I can hang on my wall. Shary was knowledgeable about her subject and able to impart that knowledge with ease. She was wonderfully generous with materials. A day well spent and a class I can highly recommend."
Leanne Bishop

Ruby Dog's Art House

"I really enjoyed Shary's class. It was exactly what I needed to feel motivated and excited about art again. She is a wonderful teacher. I have been an adult educator for thirty years so I don't say this lightly."


"After having taken several art courses at the college level, I found this class to be above and beyond what I have taken in the past. The instructor was excellent. Excellent course. The instructor was very well-organized and very giving of her time and knowledge."


"I thoroughly enjoyed the course as it gave me the opportunity to express myself freely and to explore new ideas in a safe and creative environment.